Clarify your purpose. Move confidently into your future.



Who is a LifePlan Intensive for?

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A LifePlan Intensive is perfect for you if you feel:

  • Stuck in your current life and sense you are made for something more

  • Ready to develop a plan for the second half of your life

  • Eager to break through inertia and finally do the thing you’ve always wanted

  • Tired of giving a lot of thought to your future, but you can’t seem to get out of a cycle of undirected thoughts

  • Open to a big career change or vocational shift, but you’re not sure what’s next

  • Excited to experience more intimacy in relationship, but you’re not sure how

  • Fear that this might be your last chance to get it right

 How Does a LifePlan Intensive Work?

In just two days, we’ll transform your life through three steps:

    We will start by identifying how you got where you are today through a series of assessments and structured reflections. Most life coaches make the mistake of starting with big vision but we’ll place your vision in context so you get results you can actually implement.

    Next, we will develop a vision for your larger life purpose in light of all we discovered through the assessment phase. You’ll gain clarity around what’s possible and what type of life development would be satisfying for you.

    We’ll flesh out your action steps to move you from where you are today to a more purposeful life.

 How Can a LifePlan Intensive Help You?

I was feeling particularly antsy with where I was in my life. I knew I wasn’t getting satisfaction out of my job and I knew this was not my career I wanted to advance in, which brought my discouragement and hopelessness during my days.

Your LifePlan will give you:

  • an opportunity to step out of your day-to-day life rhythm to get an objective assessment of how you’re living right now

  • language to describe your unique talents and the larger purpose for why you exist

  • insight on the ways you can best contribute to any project or group, and a revelation of the specific aspects of life that drive you

  • ideas for possible new career paths or creative ways to improve your current work experience

  • a process to filter new opportunities as they present themselves throughout your lifetime

  • recommendations on how to feel more balanced and stable in your personal health and wellness by integrating all of who you are

  • a clear direction on what’s important now and the next steps you need to take to enhance your life satisfaction

 What Does a LifePlan Intensive Include?

  • a 2-day kickoff private coaching retreat (18 hours)

  • All meals, snacks and beverages during coaching retreat

  • A clear plan for your life you can be sure will provide a lifetime of direction

  • Action list with scheduled next steps to immediately move toward your purpose

  • Custom LifePlan charts

  • Digital images from your retreat

  • Digital LifePlan Playbook to keep and edit for life

included with base package

  • Unlimited email support for 6 months

  • A Paterson Center customized journal

for an additional $1000

  • exclusive 2-night stay in 4-star Atlanta hotel ($600 value)

  • Customized book bundle of monthly personal growth resources ($300 value)

  • Access to professional assessments such as StrengthsFinder ($200 value)

  • Two 90-minute follow-up implementation video calls ($600 value)

Corporate: $3500 | Non-Profit: $3000
$8000 value
(Payment plans are available. Rates listed are for Atlanta clients. Be sure to ask about our New York City and group or couple rates.)

Thank you for investing! A portion of your LifePlan fee will be donated to the Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorder Center in Atlanta, GA. Thank you for using your life to make a difference in someone else’s journey.