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Need a dynamic and engaging speaker to challenge and inspire your group? Let me help you guide your organization toward living with more purpose and relational health with my customizable talks.

I am available to speak for groups of all sizes, from intimate workshops to large keynotes. Choose from one of the topics below or let’s chat to refine a presentation so it best works for you.

It was an eye-opening and powerful time for us as a team and I’ve already seen its impact. I felt really ill-equipped to lead our staff in this alone and you were the perfect person to facilitate this conversation.
— Founder, A House on Beekman

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  • Liberty Church | New York, NY

  • Living a Life of Purpose | Epiphany Church, Brooklyn, NY

  • When Work Stops Working | Fivestone, New York, NY

  • On Modern Dating | CRU, at Nyack College

  • Know Your Boundaries | Trinity Grace Church Williamsburg

  • Refining Your Purpose: Live Like Your Mean It | Lady Business Group, Park Slope

  • Working Across the Racial Divide | A House on Beekman

  • Hope for Bridge Building Across the Racial Divide: Understanding Systemic Factors | Hope Gathering

  • Shattered Dreams | Hope Gathering



Doing a job we love can provide us with some of life’s deepest satisfaction, until it doesn’t. Working outside of our thinking wavelength can quickly lead to low job satisfaction, burnout or poor performance. How do you navigate the moment when work stops working? I’ll help you reach beyond the limits of your current work potential by teaching you the three mistakes people make when initially building their careers and practical steps to course-correct along the way. You’ll leave with inspiration for why you do what you do, a greater understanding of how you’re uniquely wired and a realistic plan to start integrating your career into the whole of your life.


In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to live by accident. We’re tempted to be reactive, responding to the expectations of our culture, demands of our peers or curated lifestyles we see online. Make this the year you start living intentionally and stop living in reactive mode. I’ll teach you three simple, yet impactful shifts to develop your personal life purpose statement and take your life from good to great.

How to date now: Counter-intuitive strategies to finding love in our modern world

Dating now is harder than ever. Aside from evolving technology and shifting perspectives of marriage, there are deeply embedded cultural narratives that influence our perspective on relationships. I’ll walk your group through the primary challenges to dating in today’s culture and pinpoint the necessary shifts to approach dating with health and happiness. I also speak on a full suite of dating topics. You can visit wedatemodern.com to learn about those in greater detail.

The gentle spirit in which Chanel offered the information and handled questions allowed everyone’s guard to lower. As a result, people were able to more freely talk about themselves in a way that isn’t always comfortable in a work environment.
— Jason Locy, Fivestone