Get the confidence you need to tie the knot.

take an objective assessment of your relational health.

Who Is the Assessment For?

The Online Relationship Assessments are perfect for couples who are:

  • Engaged or considering getting engaged soon

  • Curious about their compatibility from the perspective of a marriage and family therapist

  • Ready to learn more about their individual and shared feelings on topics such as communication, conflict, finances, sex, children, relationship roles, spirituality, and more!

 How Can a Relationship Assessment Help You?

It’s messy, we’re not perfect, but I love that we have a tool to constantly reference.

In just 20-minutes you’ll learn a wealth of information about your romantic relationship. The assessment will give you:

  • a deeper understanding of where you and your partner agree or disagree on top marriage issues

  • confidence about your compatibility before you tie the knot

  • a thorough analysis of the top areas of strength and growth in your relationship

  • an opportunity to have focused discussions with your partner on the most critical areas of your relationship

 What Does the Relationship Assessment Include?

  • exclusive access to the online relationship assessment from Prepare Enrich

  • a full-color digital report with an objective evaluation of your strength and growth areas

  • a full-color digital couples workbook of exercises and tips to grow in the top areas all couples need help