Lift your plan from the page.


Who is a LifePlan Refresh for?

LifePlan Refresh.jpg

A LifePlan Refresh is perfect for you if you have completed your 2-day LifePlan Intensive and feel any of the following:

  • Ready to activate your LifePlan by implementing it into your daily life

  • Unable to break through old habits to commit to your self-care and Replenishment Cycle

  • A need to set healthy boundaries in your relationships to honor the life purpose you’ve discovered

  • Excited to pursue career goals or start a business in line with your life vision

  • Curious about how to better integrate the talents you identified in your LifePlan with the domains of your life

  • Develop a charitable effort rooted in your identity

 How Can a LifePlan Refresh Help You?

Following your two-day LifePlan, we’ll help you fine-tune and implement your plan by giving you:

Plans don’t self-execute.
— Tom Paterson, Creator of the Paterson Process for LifePlanning
  • ongoing expert support to empower you to lift your plan from the page

  • resources to deepen the connection between your unique life purpose and your life strategies

  • tools to break through common roadblocks that keep people from finding success

  • accountability to follow through on your managing for your Vital Signs and managing against your Risk Pyramid

 What Does a LifePlan Refresh Include?

  • a 90-minute video conference or in-person coaching session 1-on-1 with Chanel

  • a helpful framework and set of questions to assess where you are today

  • recommended resources such as books, websites, or programs from a trained therapist to move you toward greater health

Investment: $225
($150 for each additional hour)
book now and pay later at your session