Get perspective. Take the right next step.

I can help you make sense of where you are today

and point you in the right direction.

Who Is a LifePlan Kickstart For?

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A LifePlan Kickstart is perfect for you if you feel any of the following:

  • Stuck in your current life and sense you are made for something more

  • Uncertain of how you’ve uniquely been created or wired

  • At a loss for your unique talents and skills

  • Eager to break through the inertia and start taking action with a little help

  • Open to suggestions on which areas of your personal growth to focus on now in order to experience the greatest results

  • Ready to get out of your head and back into the driver’s seat of your life

  • Curious what blindspots an expert might identify in how you’re living your life

 How Can a LifePlan Kickstart Help You?

In just 90 minutes, we’ll kickstart your life transformation by giving you:

I’m amazed at how much we were able to cover and the insights and connections you were able to glean in such a short amount of time.
  • an opportunity to finally verbalize what you’ve been thinking and experiencing

  • affirmation of what’s working in your life now so you can maintain the good

  • recommendations on how to improve your personal wellness from an expert trained in marriage and family therapy

  • ideas for how to balance your intimate relationships

  • perspective to more accurately identify what’s working or not working in your career

  • a more holistic view of your life by helping you step out of the details and into your larger life story

 What Does a LifePlan Kickstart Include?

  • a 90-minute video conference coaching session 1-on-1 with Chanel

  • a helpful framework and set of questions to assess where you are today

  • access to recommended personality assessments to learn more about who you are

  • recommended resources such as books, websites, or programs from a trained therapist to move you toward greater health

Investment: $350
(your investment in the LifePlan Kickstart can be applied to the cost of a
full LifePlan Intensive if you later decide to participate)

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