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Who Is Life Coaching For?

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Life Coaching is ideal if you:

  • Know the big goals you want to achieve but need help on how to reach them

  • Feel excited to dream bigger and expect more than the life you’ve been living

  • Want to let go of the bad habits and thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck

  • Desire to launch into a new project, career, or relationship

  • Hope to connect the growth you may have already experienced in therapy or your individual processing to your present goals

 How Can Life Coaching Help You?

In just a few sessions, we’ll help you take back control of your life by giving you:

I valued your clarity about where I was and where we were going...I felt known and by feeling known I felt safe to verbally process, to hear things fresh and hear things new.
  • professional assistance to identify and put language to your goals

  • ongoing accountability to pursue the things in life you want

  • strategies to break through negative thought patterns or habits that distract from your larger life goals

  • resources and tools to fast-track you on the path to the life you want

  • a holistic perspective of how to live an optimized life in all buckets

 What Does Life Coaching Include?

(coaching can be done virtually or live in Atlanta)

  • a 90-minute kickoff coaching session 1-on-1 with Chanel

  • ongoing 45-minute coaching sessions to be scheduled according to a rhythm that supports you achieving your goals.
    Most clients choose 2 sessions per month for 3-6 months to reach their goals

  • structured homework (if needed) and exercises to help you gain insight and implement life changes

  • access to recommended resources such as books, websites, or programs from a trained therapist to move you toward greater health

$350 for 90-minute kickoff session
+ $175 per additional 45-minute coaching session

($350 of your investment in coaching can be applied to the cost of a two-day LifePlan Intensive if you later decided to participate)

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