4 Healthy Habits to Start this Summer

4 Healthy Habits to Start This Summer for Self-Care

Are you coming out of spring still feeling exhausted, disoriented or uncertain of what's next? Don't spend one more minute of the year without a plan to recharge and refuel so you have the energy you need to live out your life purpose. Make it a priority to treat yo'self (what happened to that philosophy?) and block time now for these 4 healthy habits to practice regularly for the rest of 2017:

  1. Get moving. Whether you join a yoga class, start the Bikini Body Guide program by Kayla or simply make time for a daily walk, carve out time to get your body moving with physical activity. I'm not talking about your weight loss goals. A thinner you isn't necessarily more rested. I'm talking about an activity that gets you out of your head and in touch with your body. What kind of physical activity can you integrate into your lifestyle this year?
    Pro Tip: Have you tried stretching? When someone told me stretching alone was a legitimate exercise I almost kissed them because I'm all about the low impact workout. A 10-minute stretch session to start or end the day is an excellent practice to build. 

  2. Get thinking. If your Facebook feed has turned your mind into mush after a series of digital disagreements and you can't believe how much you know about the Kardashians and how little you know about local government, it's time to up the ante on your intellectual stimulation. Subscribe to a podcast, take a class, or read a new book a month.
    Pro Tip: Check out Malcolm Gladwell's History Revisited podcast. There aren't too many seasons so you have enough time to binge listen and read his latest book before everyone's talking about the newest episode.

  3. Get sappy. How often do you feel your feelings? I know, I know...the therapist in me can't help but ask. However it's important to create space in your life to regularly slow down and reflect on your interior world. Whether it's journaling, relaxing in nature, or people-watching at your local coffeeshop, allow yourself the room to explore your emotions, bringing your head and heart into alignment.
    Pro tip: Visit a hotel lobby. Coffee shops leaving you smelling a latte (see what I did there?) but hotel lobbies give you the same vibe without having to pay the $5 entrance fee. Soak up their free wifi and journal on a big sofa.

  4. Get spiritual. You are not the creator of the universe and you're not the center of it either. I hope that's one big relief for you so you can have a bit more fun enjoying yourself rather than trying to make fetch happen. Let yourself off the hook by building in a daily practice of meditation, prayer or solitude to center yourself on how big life is and how small you are. I know that sounds depressing as hell, but it works. The key is to remember your own humanity and real limitations in the midst of a world that continually puts so much pressure on us.
    Pro Tip: Adopt a daily mantra you say at the start and end of your day. Take five minutes to focus on this statement to help reset and prioritize what matters.

So what are you going to start this spring? I'd love to hear your ideas. Share your thoughts below in the comments. Be sure to grab the free Simple Summer Self-Care download to identify your personal areas of health. Writing down your goals helps take the concept from "hmm, that's an interesting idea" to "hell yeah I'm going to succeed at this."

Good luck. I'm cheering for you!